What is freediving?

Freediving is the art of exploring the marine environment without the aid of an artificial breathing apparatus. It is the most natural way to get intimate with the ocean.

In freediving you can discover and develop the natural mechanisms of adaptation to aquatic life that are embedded in your body,  just like in any other marine mammal.

You can develop this ability by learning to breathe efficiently and by achieving a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, slowing down your heart rate and reducing your oxygen consumption. Mastering these skills relies on techniques adopted from yoga, pranayama and mindfulness meditation.

Although freediving is portrayed as a sport or a recreational activity, it is much more than that: it is a never-ending path of self-discovery and self-development, in which you learn constantly from the sensations and emotions that you experience during the practice.

Get your toes wet with a freediving intro

Introduction to freediving

If you are just curious about freediving, this 1 day program is designed to give you a taste of what it’s all about without committing to a full 3 days program.

Our freediving instructor will introduce you to the proper breathing and relaxation techniques, guiding you on your first breath holds in a relaxed and comfortable way. After some practice, you will try some breath hold exercises in our swimming pool before trying your first dives in the ocean.

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites: To be able to swim or snorkel for 100 meters.

Price: US$120

Try something new & exciting with a freediving beginners course

Freediving Timor Leste

Discover the fascinating world of freediving, with this fun and exciting course. 

The course includes the theory of freediving physiology with particular focus on safety, the practice of efficient breathing and relaxation techniques, a pool session for the practice of static and dynamic apnea and a few depth sessions in the ocean. Safety and emergency procedures are taught both in the pool and the ocean sessions. 

AIDA 2: this course provides the option of doing the theory either independently or with classroom sessions. The practical components include a pool session with the objective of performing a breath hold of minimum 2 minutes and swimming underwater for 40 meters and 3 ocean sessions with the objective of freediving to a depth of 12-20 meters

Duration:  3 days

Prerequisites: To be able to swim confidently for 200 meters

Price: US$350

Go deeper with the Advanced AIDA3 Course

Freedive East Timor

Dive deeper and improve your technique and performance with the AIDA 3 course.

The objective of the course is to lead you to perform static breath holds of at least 2:45 minutes, dynamic (horizontal length) with bi-fins of at least 55 meters and dive on constant weight to a depth between 24 and 30 meters.

The course consists of:

3 theory sessions, in which you will acquire a deeper understanding about the physiology of freediving, the Frenzel equalization technique, freefalling past the neutral buoyancy depth and the training methods to increase your breath holds and performance in freediving.

2 pool sessions, where you will revise the safety and rescue procedures and perform specific training to increase your CO2 tolerance and to improve your technique.

4 open water sessions, in which you will experience the freefall technique and the use of the safety lanyard, learn skills to improve your technique and performance and practice deeper rescue skills and safety exercises.

Duration: 4 days

Prerequisites: AIDA 2 certification or equivalent 

Price: US$450

Go PRO – Become an Assistant Instructor

freediving instructor

Take your freediving to the next level by mastering the techniques used by professionals and learning how to condition your body and mind for deep freediving.  

You will learn new techniques include FRC diving, mouth-fill equalization, reverse packing and one of the most important components of this AIDA 4 course which is the acquisition of the skills required to operate as an assistant instructor on freediving courses, managing the equipment and supervising the students.

The program of the course consists of:

3 theory sessions, during which you will acquire knowledge on failure depth, how to increase your VC (vital capacity), decreasing your RV (residual volume), packing, deep equalization techniques such as mouth-fill and reverse packing, how to perform FRC (functional residual capacity) dives, how to lead a full body warm up and stretching sessions and how to design a fitness program and a diet for freediving.

2 pool sessions, in which you will refine your technique, enhancing your relaxation and performance. You will also learn how to run a pool training session and to coach other freedivers on both static and dynamic disciplines, bringing your rescue skills up to a professional level and acquiring the competence to assist an instructor.

4 open water sessions, during which you will fine tune your freediving skills in constant weight, free immersion and variable weight disciplines, applying the new techniques learned on the theory classes: mouth fill equalization, reverse packing, packing and FRC diving. You will also learn how to prepare and organize an open water session including the practice of knots, braiding, full equipment set up and supervision of freediving students.

The objective of the course is to fine tune your freediving skills up to professional level and lead you to perform 3:30 minutes static, 70 meters dynamic, a 32-38 meters dive on constant weight and to proficiently assist a freediving instructor during courses and coached sessions.

Duration:  5 days.

Prerequisites: AIDA 3 certification or equivalent 

Price: $550

Freediving for fun

freediving timor leste

Already a freediver? Improve or dive for fun! Either with an instructor or your freediving buddies.

Coached Sessions

If you want to improve your skills and performance on any freediving discipline, either in the pool or in the ocean, you can take single coached sessions an with an instructor.

Duration:  1:45 – 2:30 hours, depending on the level and the number of students

Price:  $50/per session.  Private 1:1 sessions $65/per session

Training Sessions

If you wish to train with other certified freedivers, we can provide you with all the necessary equipment (float, line and bottom weights, support boat) and bring you to the best spots with calm waters and enough depth.

Duration & price: Dependent on location and number of freedivers

Exploration Sessions

Timor Leste has some of the most stunning reefs of South East Asia, with the highest biodiversity both in terms of corals and fishes and visibility of 15-40 m all year round. Among them, we have spectacular drops off, where it is possible to dive vertically along walls covered with all kinds of marine life. Exploring them on freediving is a breath-taking experience, as well as an excellent way to rediscover the joyful aspect of freediving out of the training routine on a line.

Duration & price: Dependent on location and number of freedivers

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