Diving Sidemount in Timor Leste

Diving Side Mount

From its origins in Cave diving, SIDE MOUNT has evolved into the most versatile of gear setups!

As a diver starts to venture into other specialised ways of diving such as deep, solo, wreck, decompression and now days even just for the safety aspect of carrying a redundant gas source this is the setup that does it all! one set up with multiple uses, no need for specialised twin set ups, no need for different size wings or the heavy load on you back!

Another great advantage of side mount beyond its versatility is how easy is to travel with it! Only a harness and a small wing can go a long way. As a tech diver myself I love this feature as now I can take only one setup on my holiday and be ready for any type of diving! … From a specialised tech dive to a gentle muck dive taking photos of tiny critters.

And finally my favourite part of diving sidemount is how streamlined one can be, so much easier to keep one’s trim, of course it takes a little practice and some tweaks on your gear setup but this is something your instructor will be more than happy to help you with!

Here in dive timor lorosae we offer either recreational or tech surmount courses! Side mount course