Side Mount Diver

Side Mount Diver

The new SDI/TDI Sidemount Diver program is far more than just another “how to” book on sidemount diving. It’s a complete, comprehensive set of training materials designed to work together to make learning and teaching sidemount diving easy. These materials include:

  • Student manual
  • Knowledge Quest workbook
  • Instructor Guide
  • Power-Point presentations
  • Digital Instructor Resource
  • Final exams and answer keys

On top of this, all of this information is available as an SDI/TDI eLearning course that covers the same material, in the same sequence, and in the same depth.

Benefit: The new Sidemount Diver course materials save retailers and instructors time, as they don’t need to go to several different sources to assemble the materials needed to teach a comprehensive course, nor do they need to take the time necessary to come up with their own quizzes, exams and similar teaching tools. Further, they do not have to explain to students and customers why eLearning is not available for this course because it is.

It’s Flexible

Feature: You can use the same materials to teach or take everything from an SDI open-water Sidemount Diver course to a TDI technical diving course for deep, cave or wreck.

Benefit: The new program saves retailers and instructor money, as there is no need to invest in multiple sets of materials to teach what are, essentially, the same course, just to different audiences.

It’s Practical

Feature: Rather than take a dogmatic “my way or the highway” approach to Sidemount Diver training, the SDI/TDI program covers the broad range of equipment, procedures and techniques used by experienced sidemount divers around the world.

Benefit: The new course materials don’t put retailers and instructors in the awkward position of having to explain why what the instructor and retailer prefer teaching and selling is at odds with what the materials say is the “one and only way” to do things.

What They Say


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