Whale Shark at Atauro Island

Whale Shark at Atauro Island

Whale shark in the cove!

You could probably count the number of sightings on one hand but one group of lucky Dive Timor Customers got the surprise of a baby whale shark (3/4m long) passing right underneath them at a divesite on Atauro island. Atauro Island

Just goes to show you that anything can happen in the big wide ocean and you just never know when you will be blessed by a ‘big guy’. So best chance to see is increase your odds and dive daily !

We won’t make any promises but apparently anything is possible around Timor Leste.

If you squint your eyes and look closely you can just make out the shape in the centre of the pictures.

If you like to book a trip to Timor please dont hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to put a dive / accommodation package together. With out new backpackers with have rooms to suit any budget.

Whale shark Timor leste

whale shark timor leste