Cetacean sightings (whales and dolphins)

Cetacean sightings (whales and dolphins)

Whale watching in Timor Leste is an incredible experience. Charters run daily when the migration season kicks in. Generally around the end of the year but dependant on weather.

Whale watching

Whale watching with DIve Timor

Whale in Timor

Migrating whales in East Timor

It has been an incredible few days of flat flat ocean. After such a long extensive period of wind and waves but fingers crossed that this weather holds as it is beautiful to look out and see. It also makes it so much more of an enjoyable day cruising across to Atauro island for some diving in the crystal clear water along the stunning walls.



 We have also been lucky enough to see spectacular pods of dolphins and whales. Including Frasers, spinner and spotted dolphins, melon-headed, pygmy killer and pilot whales, on our boat rides across. Thanks to our skipper and resident photographer Tom we have some wonderful shots to share with all of you. The water between Dili and Atauro island is full of these magical creatures. The only question is whether we are in the right place at the right time to get a glimpse…

Are you are interested in being apart of this amazing experience? Then make sure to contact us and book a trip while the whales are still in town.



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Blog by Kate & Photos by Tom