Underwater Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt 2024

DTL first underwater easter egg huntYou may have noticed that the staff at Dive Timor Lorosae like to dress up and celebrate events such PADI Women’s Day dive and our underwater Christmas Dive against Debris.  So we couldn’t miss the opportunity to dress up as bunny rabbits and hold an underwater Easter Egg hunt for Easter.

We had an eggcellent time, Bailey and Marti dived in and placed 24 hard boiled numbered eggs in the shallows of the entrance of the K41 dive site.  Our guests didn’t know what to eggspect so we gave them a dive briefing and told them roughly where the eggs could be found and the object was to collect as many eggs as possible.

Then we kitted up and did our bunny checks (BWRAF – Big White Rabbits are Fluffy!).  Before posing for some eggciting photos adorned with bunny ears, bunny tails and our dive against debris bags (for collecting the eggs and any underwater trash we found).

Nicole easter egg hunt winnerEach egg found underwater was numbered and could then be redeemed for a chocolate egg.  We did however find a few already chomped, we were not intending to feed the fish!

All the chocolate eggs we Cadbury’s hunting eggs or marshmallow eggs eggcept for lucky number 10 which was a KitKat Easter Egg, which was found by Nicole, who also had the biggest chocolate stash of them all!

Perhaps we should make it a PADI Distinctive Specialty course!


Finding the easter egg

Clare Easter egg hunt