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  • Coral
  • Coral
  • photo of a hawk fish sited in a coral branch of the coral triangle in the amazing reefs of timor leste scuba diving with Dive Timor Lorosae photo taken underwater by Francisco Mesina
    Hawk Fish
  • Amazing Tiger Shrimp. Little prety critter on the muck dive just a few inutes from Dive Timor Lorosae. Photo by Francisco Mesina while scuba diving on Timor Leste in its amazing reefs of the coral triangle
    Tiger Shirmp
  • Photo taken from the top of Cristo Rey Statue looking at the beach of Timor Leste pristine beaches
    Cristo Beach front
  • Photo of a wip coral in the blue waters of Timor leste
  • Scuba diver photograph beautiful fan coral in Timor Leste
    Diving in Timor Leste with Dive Timor
  • Pristine reefs in Timor Leste
    Lone tree 4a
  • pygmy seahorse on sloping reef dili rock west
    Pigmy Seahorse!
  • cuttlefish dili rock east timor leste
    Cuttlefish at Dili Rock
  • frogfish at Dili rock east timor leste
    Frog Fish at Dili Rock
  • Nudibranch on our artificial roda reef timor leste
  • batfish Pertamina jetty East Timor
  • blue spotted stingray christo Rei East Timor
    Blue Spot Stingray!
  • bubble coral christo Rei east Timor
    Anemone Shrimp
  • tube sponges in the coral reef of christoe rei
    Tube Sponges in Timor Leste
  • batfish in coral reef est timor
    Juvenile Batfish
  • photo of amazing soft coral and pristine reefs on the waters of timor leste and the coral triangle, show a swim through with amazing biodiversity of corals and colors
    Swim through!
  • newest country in the world, timor leste host amazing coral reefs in the center of the coral triangle
    Timor Leste Flag
  • photo of the crystal clear waters of timor leste and the nature beauty of their habitants, amazing coral reef and culture of timor leste
    Local Fishermans of Atauro
  • wild life in the districts of Timor leste east timor while diving with dive timor loroseaand the amazing coral eefs of timor leste
    Water buffalos
  • Scuba diver in Atauro Timor Leste with Dive Timor
    Dive Atauro with DTL
  • Nudibranchs in Timor Leste Coral Triangle
    Philinopsis gardineri
  • beautiful anemone in the coral triangle, timor leste
  • BandedCoralShrimp.StenopusHispidus.K57
  • beautiful batfish in timor leste PADI Courses
  • night dives cuttlefish of timor leste night dive
    Creature of the night