Scuba Tank Care at Dive Timor Lorosae

Scuba Tank Care at Dive Timor Lorosae

Scuba tank care at Dive Timor Lorosae

As divers many times we forget to look after one of the most important tools we use in the industry! Scuba tanks! We always care for our regulators and BCD’s after the dive.  But we should not forget that tanks should also to be rinsed after diving to avoid any salt from starting superficial corrosion. Salt does totanks what cavities do to your teeth. Slowly if they are not cleaned they start digging in deeper into the tank. No dive operator likes losing tanks when it comes to their 1/2 yearly inspection.

Another thing we should respect as responsible divers is the air left in the tank. Naturally if we follow our dive plan properly tanks should be back at the surface between 70 and 50 bar. If you find yourself with less pressure than this at the end of your dive you should let the dive operator know. Or if is your own tank and above 30bar you are ok. But any less would be better to get the tank inspected. Especially safely diving in remote areas like Atauro Island.

What happens to tanks?

Every time a tank’s pressure drops below 30 bar you may allow particles such as dust or moisture getting in the tank and no one wants to breathe that! Moisture inside a tank can start aluminium corrosion and if time goes by without you noticing this you can end up with some nasty corrosion inside the tank.  So for your own safety and those around you, if you are renting tanks try and keep to your minimum reserve of 50 bar left in tank. Keeps your dive safe and therefore more fun!

This is one of the little things we can do  every day we go diving that makes a big difference on the longevity of the gear, the dive plan and of course allows us to fulfill the main objective of the dive. Your own safety and those around you while having fun.

Scuba Tank Care

Here at Dive Timor Lorosae we do our best to keep track of the air left in the tanks to ensure your safety. Here are the photos of a recent tank we received with less than 30 bar.. Now that the tank is been cleaned and freed from any contaminants we have reinstalled the valve and is back in action.

During your divemaster course you will learn everything you need to know about equipment care including Scuba Tank Care.

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Technician Ivan servicing tanks at Dive Timor

Scuba tank care