Refill My Bottle in Timor Leste

Refill My Bottle in Timor Leste

As it was international water day yesterday, Dive Timor Lorosae became the first to become a member of Refill my Bottle in Timor Leste.

Why Refill My Bottle was founded

Refill my bottle Timor Leste

World Wildlife Fund

Originally founded in Bali, Indonesia, a group of environmentally aware business people realised the lack of waste management systems meant that the 6 million plastic bottles per month that are used and discarded on this one island alone end up in landfills, the ocean, or are burnt which creates toxic fumes.

After ending up in a landfill, a single plastic water bottle can take up to years to decompose. Some types of plastic never fully disintegrate at all. The problem needed to be tackled at the source by reducing the consumption of plastic water bottles.

With this realisation, a group of sustainable businesses in Bali drew the conclusion came up with the simple idea of providing access to drinking water to all who need it – without having to buy a plastic water bottle. And Refill My Bottle was formed.

Finding your nearest Refill station

The concept is simple, download the App either on Google Play or IOS, set your location and you will be provided with a map of all Refill My Bottle members that provide the facility to refill your bottle of water, with clean drinkable water for free (or minimal charge depending on the establishment).

Although Dive Timor Lorosae encourages you to have a refillable bottle, even if you have purchased a plastic bottle and refill it, that is one less plastic bottle being discarded.  Dive Timor Lorosae offer drinkable water for free.

Since it was established it has grown to over 4000 refill stations in 37 countries, so you can find your nearest refill station wherever you go via your App.

Refill your bottle at Dive Timor Lorosae

Refill my bottle water stationCome and refill your bottle here at Dive Timor Lorosae, on the beach road, Ave de Portugal (Pantai Kelapa) below Castaways.  Your action is helping the environment one less bottle at a time!

For more information on becoming a Refill Station check out Refill My Bottle’s website