Pertamina Jetty 21st Nov 2009

Pertamina Jetty 21st Nov 2009

Divers – John, Monica, Paz, Yolanda and Chris

Visibility: 15m

Current: Moderate current on the way out, but dropped away to almost nothing for the rest of the dive.

Temperature: 28 deg C

Depth: 10m

Dive Time: 69mins

Comments: Like a wreck dive, with lots to see such as big Scorpion and Lion Fish, Eels in pipes, Flute Fish, Crabs in tyres, and an assortment of big fish just hanging out in the current.

The area is quite small, so take your time to explore both the Eastern and Western ends of the Jetty.

For something extra, surface swim to one of the mooring buoys, descend there, explore then fin to the North/South Jetty on the bearing you took before descending, then follow it out to the end.

Check out all the pylons, pipes and other junk as you go, but the East/West section at the end of the jetty is the highlight and so enough time should be allowed for it.

Cautions: No diving when a ship is moored at the Jetty. Look out for the semi submerged metal remains of two boats at the entry point. Be careful of the current, as the dive site is quite exposed. If visibility is poor, you’ll need bearings to find the pylons at each end or indeed to find your way back if vis drops during the dive. Care is required to avoid the many camouflaged Scorpion Fish found on the metal junk under the Jetty. Finally, the flora and fauna are delicate, so avoid any touching.