Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water diver in three days

Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water diver in three days

Go From Open Water Diver To  Advanced Open Water Diver In Three Days

The beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters of Timor Leste make it the ideal place improve your diving skills, and go from amateur to expert. The three day Advanced Open Water course will give you the learning and practical experience you need, and you should come away with confidence in your diving technique. You can experience diving in many different aquatic environments and take your dive skills to the next level. Here are three things you can do to improve your knowledge and technique.

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Learn your dive theory

When you take your Advanced Open Water Certification, you are expected to do a minimum of five dives over of three days. Before your dives, it is essential to learn the theory – this valuable information can help keep you safe underwater. You will be working with a fully qualified and experienced PADI diving instructor, who can answer any questions and explanations you may need. Before your course, it is worth going back and re-reading your entry level material, as a refresher. You should also complete your PADI e-learning online before you start your course.

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Understand how to calculate decompression stops

Safety and wellbeing is of the most utmost importance when you are diving. Calculating decompression stops accurately to avoid getting the bends is essential. Although dive computers can help you do this simply and easily, it will improve your diving skills if you can do this manually. Being able to make these calculations, allows you to maximise your dive time. The “multilevel/computer” option on the Advanced course is perfect for improving your knowledge on decompression stops.

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Complete a variety of adventure dives

In Timor you will have the opportunity to do a variety of adventure dives to improve your skills. Picking a different diving experiences, such as “search and rescue,” and “night diving” will improve your knowledge and technique quickly. There is also the option to swim through the coral reefs where you can learn about the fish and other aquatic species in this fragile habitat. This is important, so that you know which species are fine to swim with, and which should be left undisturbed.

Taking your diving skills to the next level takes a combination of understanding the theory, and having the experience. Timor is a beautiful place to become an expert diver, in perfect, blue waters.