Night Diving

Night Diving

Night diving in East Timor

Timor Leste has some incredible night diving. Although not everyone is a big fan of night dives we at Dive Timor Lorosae highly recommend giving one a go whilst diving with us. Just a 10 mintute trip to tasi tolu makes for a chilled evening. Setting up your gear as the sun sets over Dili Rock and finally entering the water just as it dips under the horizon.

Night dives give you a chance to see creatures you rarely see during the day. Or just makes it easier to spot some of them. Potential critters include scorpionfish, lion fish, frogfish, seahorses, Indian Walkman, dragonets and other strange bottom dwellers.

Then we have the crustaceans. Crabs such as giant hermit crabs and decorated crabs. If you’ve got a good eye look for smaller things like shrimps and squat lobsters hiding amongst the corals and feather stars. And we can also spot squid, cuttlefish and octopus as well as various nudibranchs and snails.

It’ll be a dive full of life and excitement so whsloping reef dili rock west timor lestey not get in touch for more information or to book!

Crayfish Marble Rock Timor leste

Ornate ghost pipefish artificial reef timor leste