Nafy Diving Experience!

Nafy Diving Experience!

We love to take our staff diving, so were really excited when out Office Manager Nafy showed an interest.  Here’s her account of what scuba diving in the blue waters of Timor Leste was like:

When I wasn’t a diver yet, I could see many tourist from different countries, coming here for diving and they were always talking about how beautiful is the marine life in East Timor.

I became very curious and very jealous of them and sometime I was standing in the beach and thinking what could be down there? Why they were always diving? And what is making them always interested to go diving?

One day I asked the Instructor named Sato “what do you see when you’re diving?” He said diving is beautiful and he asked me “Do you want to do a try dive (DSD)?” I said “I want but I am scared” he told me to not worry that he will be taking care of me so I said ok!

In the following day we went to the pool to practice skills and when we finished the pool we went to dive to Dili Rock East and I was so surprise of the different things I could see. I thought, “Oh my God! How beautiful is down here, up there is nothing but here it’s very gorgeous. I just thought why I wasn’t diving before? Being underwater it’s like flying in another planet and looking at the different types of colourful animals and so many fish, it’s like paradise.

When I finished my DSD I thought, I have to do my Open water Course, so I can dive whenever I want and now I am a PADI Rescue Diver!!! Thank you to Dive Timor Lorosae, to give me the opportunity to learn how to Dive. It gave me a very big experience in my life. Without Dive Timor Lorosae, I would never have discovered how beautiful the sea in my country is. Also, thank you to All My Instructors that taught me for the Courses Sato, Eric, Wanda, Wade, Simon, Rita, Simone, Luke, Stephanie!

Agripina das Neves de Jesus (Nafy) Office Manager