Local Dive Sites Near Dili – Tasi Tolu

Tasi Tolu

Tasi Tolu is the most famous muck dive in Dili.  The dive site is a sandy sloping bottom with some soft corals and sponges here and there. Seahorses, Spider crabs, Shrimps, and Eels are very often spotted as well as some Nudibranchs, Flatworms, Pygmy Pipehorses and Frogfish … Good choice for a night dive to find Coconut Octopus, Bobtail Squid and more… Easy entry and exit anytime.

Lucky day:  Dugong, Mimic and Blue Ring Octopus, Spanish Dancer, Ornate and Robust ghost Pipefish, Flambuoyant Cuttlefish…
Lens:  Macro
Depth:     2 – 20m
Required skills: Open Water
Snorkeling:     yes

Seahorse Tasi Tolu East Timorgiant frogfish tasi tolu timor leste