Local Dive Sites Near Dili – Roda Reef

Roda Reef

Roda Reef is an artificial reef made out of old tires and concrete on a sandy bottom by Dive Timor Lorosae. Entry and exit are easy at anytime. It’s a fantastic muck dive for macro addict. Lots of shrimps, crabs and lobster hiding in the tires, as well with some juvenile Snappers, Bannerfish, Sweetlips and some Frogfish. On the sandy bottom look around for Nudibranchs, Pygmy Pipehorses, Seahorses and Eels. This place is even better at night!

Lucky day:  Great Barracuda, Mimic Octopus, Seamoth…
Lens: Macro
Depth:     5 – 20
Required skills:     Open Water Diver
Snorkeling:     yes

Nudibranch on our artificial roda reef timor leste

Little beauty of Timor Leste. Diving with Dive Timor Lorosae

Ornate ghost pipefish artificial reef timor leste