Local Dive Sites Near Dili – Pertamina Pier

Pertamina Pier

Also known as Pertamina Jetty, Pertamina Pier is an awesome dive site. Underneath the jetty of the Indonesian fuel company Pertamina is a complete different world. Each pole is covered with sponges and massive sea fans. The shade of the jetty is perfect habitat for school of large Sweetlips, Barracudas, Batfish, Snappers and a lot of huge Scorpionfish. The rocky bottom offers a large diversity of Nudibranchs, Shrimps, and Eels. This very shallow dive site, down to maximum 12-13 meters allow very long dives especially on slack tide as the tide current can be pretty strong.

Lucky day:  Frogfish, Ornate and Robust Ghost Pipefish, Giant Trevallies, Jenkins Stingray…
Lens: Wide angle / Macro
Depth:     5 – 14m
Required skills: Open Water Diver
Snorkeling: no

super cool photo of the amazing mantis shrimp peacock and its great colors on some of the best muck dives while diving with Dive Timor Lorosae, photo taken by Francisco Mesina pertamina jetty timor lestebatfish Pertamina jetty East Timor