La Casa November 2017 Update – Night Dive

La Casa November 2017 Update – Night Dive

Night Dive at our artificial reef: La Casa

La Casa has quickly become one of our favorite sites.  Searching for macro critters only a few minutes away from the shop.  Since the beginning of its development back in July 2016 loads of marine life has passed trough the site and many organisms have developed on the actual structures we set.

We have succeeded in the attempt to create marine life habitat. In an area where it was mainly sand and crinoid.  Carefully we have been adding structures with special attention to the materials used, doing our best to get rid off any pollutants while also keeping in mind a mentality of reuse, transforming scraps into marine shelters.

La casa night dive

We set out on a night dive to la casa recently to find all sorts of cool critters, some strange species of nudibranchs, a giant puffer fish sleeping underneath our wooden bench, ornate ghost pipe fish, common sea horse, pygmy pipe horse, frog fish, cuttle fish, squid, coconut octopus, v octopus and moray eels amongst the usual crustaceans that live in the area. Great dive!

In the photos we are sharing you can see the different organisms that have made the structures their home, sponges, crinoids, sea squirts, hydroids, soft corals and now even hard corals! we have 3 growths of Acropora! They are over over 6cm diameter… we are fascinated to see the progress of marine life within the year this project is been going, we hope to continue developing the area in benefit to the critters and divers alike.

You can join us for a day or night visit to La Casa. Just send us and email or  contact us




La Casa timor leste

la casa night timor leste

Las casa night dive