Indonesian Rock Star Kaka Satriaji from SLANK diving Timor Leste

Indonesian Rock Star Kaka Satriaji from SLANK diving Timor Leste

SLANK in Timor Leste!

Indonesian rock star Kaka Satriaji from SLANK in Timor Leste diving with Dive Timor Lorosae.

Recently we at Dive Timor had the privilege of taking Kaka Satriaji on a dive in Dili – Timor Leste.  PIP our resident Dive Master in Training guided the dive.  Along with the Dive Timor crew went out for a early morning dive.

SLANK in Timor Leste

Kaka from SLANK diving with Dive Timor

SLANK in Timor Leste

SLANK with Dive Timor future Dive Master


Dili Rock (great site for a Rock star) is a 10min drive for the city centre.  A great sloping reef with an abundance or fish and critters galore. Named after a large concrete sign “DILI”. Located on a huge rock outcrop at the entry of the dive site.

Dili Rock is a sloping ridge bordering a sandy bottom down until 30 metres. With an easy access from the beach any time. This dive site is very sheltered from current. A beautiful finger coral around 16m to 25m is surrounded by schools of fish. Snappers, hunting trevallies, several Batfish and huge Lionfish. Trying a night dives can also bring out other marine creatures including cuttlefish, octopus and moray ells.

Selfies were a must with SLANK

Our local Timorese crew did not miss an opportunity. Getting a picture with the famous lead man from SLANK and have a quick chat. Thanks to Kaka Satriaji for being a super cool down to earth guy. And diving with us and one of Timor’ nicest sites.

Thanks again Kaka for being a huge influence in Indonesia and abroad. Being a ambassador for the environment and scuba diving. Can’t wait for your return and SLANK in Timor Leste. Next time look forward to taking you on some more fantastic dives in Timor Leste.

Are your interested in visiting Timor Leste for a dive? Make sure to contact us and allow Dive Timor to tailor make a dive package for you. Accommodation options are available from Backpackers to deluxe studio rooms


KAKA Satriaji with Dive Timor staff