Hire, Sales and Servicing of Dive Equipment in Timor Leste

Hire, Sales and Servicing of Dive Equipment in Timor Leste

Dive Timor Lorosae offers you the finest in scuba diving equipment. Serviced and maintained by our trained and certified technicians. Our rental selection comprises of over 30 full sets of Oceanic, Aqualung and Scuba Pro scuba diving gear. We also offer 12 litre aluminium scuba tanks for hire. Our tanks are fitted with a mix of both international and DIN valves to sort any configuration. All tanks are filled with the cleanest air produced from our Bauer compressors. These are serviced regularly in-country (as per Bauer guidelines) and are additionally sent out of country for a full certified service.

DTL is the only dive centre in Timor Leste offering Nitrox! We have dedicated Enriched Air/Nitrox tanks and Oxygen analysers so that you can enjoy longer deep dives. If you’re thinking about becoming an Enriched Air/Nitrox certified diver, we are happy to offer this half-day course at any time that fits your schedule. So if you’re after a tank, a mask or a full set of gear, just drop on by and let our professional staff help you gear up to go scuba diving!

Send DTL an email to book your tanks, gear and guide. If you’re thinking about purchasing dive kit, we also have a dive shop that offers sales and service from mask straps to BCDs and regulator sets.

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If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dive Timor Lorosae on the following:

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