Over the years many have come to enjoy the experience at Dive Timor.  Here’s an extract from our guest book where people have uploaded comments to our website:

Author: Prue | Posted: 2016-01-12

I enjoyed a wonderful week at Dive TL from 3rd to 10th January 2016. I was re-visiting Timor Leste after 14 years. This trip was for some R&R. Dive TL is a very relaxing place to stay, Virginie is super, she and her staff make you feel very welcomed, and nothing is too much trouble. The pool is awesome and was just outside my door!

The Castaway Bar and Restaurant is fabulous and just down the road is the Letefoho Cafe, they sure know how to make great coffee and homemade cakes!

I do recommend Dive TL they will look after you.


Author: Ari Lyytikeinen | Posted: 2014-01-29

I spent a few days around new year 2014 diving with DTL – absolutely not enough to fully enjoy the great sites along the coast!
I feel privileged having had the pleasure of diving with St�phanie and Juvi, two true artists in spotting the critters.

The professional and friendly staff and appropriate facilities for both accommodating guests and diving, combined with Castaway bar, create the best possible surroundings for a successful diving holiday.


Author: David Casburn | Posted: 2013-09-08

Gday Dive Timor team from Sydney, St George Scuba Club Australia!

I’d like to thank everyone in particular Luke, Stephanie and Volker. From the minute we arrived, the DTL crew made our group feel welcome. I am not sure who had more fun over the two weeks while we were there, so I will say we both did.
The great diversity of wild life kept everyone busy with our cameras getting the great photo and ensuring that we can back with almost no air left in our tanks.
It was great how well everyone got on, where all the DTL crew wanted to come diving with our group.

All the DTL staff was so helpful, ensuring that everything was organized and the transportation loaded. It was a great relaxing enjoyable holiday from the water for the bar upstairs.

Our favorite site of the trip was K41 on matter how many times we dived it, we found more new different creatures. Even the staff did not want to come out of the water from this dive.
So I can say we will be back !!!
Thanks again.


Author: Paul Pacey | Posted: 2013-09-08

I have just returned from a 10 day dive holiday with DTL as part of the St. George SCUBA Club from Sydney, Australia. The DTL dive operation needs special mention as Volker, Luke and their whole team made our holiday truly memorable. There was absolutely nothing that these guys would not do to make us feel totally at home and comfortable during our short stay with them. Their professionalism and dedication to making customers happy is truly remarkable. They are organised, proficient and always smiling – what a pleasant change from some of our grumpy local dive operators! The accommodation is not five star but it’s more than adequate for what we wanted and being on-site the convenience factor is 100%.

The diving is excellent and the reefs and walls are in pristine condition. Our photographers were extremely happy and the spotters were kept busy finding all manner of critters for them.

We just loved the atmosphere of the whole place and the Timorese people are just absolutely wonderful. We found it totally safe to walk aound anywhere in Dili even late at night in the back streets and we never had any problems at all. The locals always smiled at our pathetic attempts in speaking Tetum to them and even the stray dogs smile at you!

There is no better way to way to spend an hour or two after a hard days diving (yeah, right) than sitting with your friends and the DTL dive crew in the upstairs Castaway Bar, looking out over the sea and sipping an ice cold Bintang! The food everywhere is very good quality with a good variety to choose from and the food is cheap – even though you’re paying in US dollars.

We’ll be back!


Author: David | Posted: 2013-05-29

Gday Dive Timor team from Sydney, Australia!

I’d like to thank you all, especially Luke, Juvi, Marianna, Jurgen and the drivers for a wonderful two weeks of diving and training this month. East Timor lived up to its reputation for world-class, magnificent diving and you all opened up this wonderful world to me. Everyone was also friendly and great company.

Luke, a big thankyou for the thorough instruction in search & recovery. You made us earn this specialty qualification but the hard work was worth the learning and resulting confidence. I am very proud to have reached Master Scuba Diver after 12 years of diving and I am delighted to have achieved this level at Dive Timor.

I’ll be very happy to recommend Dive Timor to everyone I meet. Best wishes to you all!


Author: Mariana Marcelino | Posted: 2013-05-19

I decided to come all the way from Portugal to do my diving professional training with Dive Timor Lorosae and today I’m confident I couldn’t have made a better choice! After completing a Divemaster internship led by awesome and very professional instructors Simone and Luke, I had an amazing instructor development course with course director Brendon Sing, who flew to East Timor to teach me and the 2 other candidates all the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful dive instructor.

Dive Timor Lorosae also managed to arrange for an instructor exam here in East Timor, so we could be within a familiar environment during the big final challenge!

These were busy yet really fun times, during which I learned a lot and made new friends, while having the opportunity of diving in the pristine waters of East Timor at the same time.

Thanks a lot to all Dive Timor Lorosae staff for such an amazing time – I’m glad you were part of such an important period of my life!


Author: Alice | Posted: 2013-05-13

Thanks DTL for an awesome Divemaster Internship!

Its been a really busy few months here, and I have learnt a huge amount and had some fantastic opportunities to explore and work around the amazing dive sites in Timor Leste.

The chance to learn from all the different instructors here and the support I have had, has made this an amazing training experience going from a recreational diver to a pro.

Cheers guys!!


Author: Vicky | Posted: 2012-10-12

As part of the efforts to promote tourism in China, the Timor-Leste’s Embassy in Beijing facilitated the first ever organised Chinese tour group to Timor-Leste. Their first program was to have a coastal voyage by Dive Timor Lorosae. Thanks for the suggestion of Rita, the all day experience was so fantastic, the tourists were thrilled by the snorkles and the chrystal blue water.

While Ryan made everyone felt so welcomed and comfortable, Domingos ensuring the safety of all, Captain Volker was silently sailing and looking to give everyone the excitement of dolfins when all of the sudden, Ryan caught a huge spanish ?? fish, the whole group took thousands of photos, and ended up with a marvelous Timorese “algusal”soup for dinner, thanks Ryan and Captain Volker for your generosity by giving the fish to the group, most of them had never known what is the taste of the freshly caught fish from the ocean like. It was such a wonderful experience for all of them. By the way, the star fish seen during snorkles were so unreal.

Everyone want to come back again, and travel logs are posted in all kinds of websites in China by these tourists. Guys – be ready for the millions of outbound tourists from China now…


Author: Heather | Posted: 2012-10-11

The DTL team made my holiday!
I had a few days before and after a live aboard trip departing from Dili and between having accommodation and diving sorted by the team, I also got a great insight into Timor and a great range of dives to boot.
As a solo female traveler who jumped into the trip at the last minute it was a great relief to have a prompt transfer from the airport and access to do my nitrox course within a hour of landing in the country (especially as my time was tight).
All the staff were so helpful fitting me onto as many dive trips as possible.

Thanks Again

So many excellent memories, friendships and photos from this trip



Author: Arya | Posted: 2012-10-09

I had a couple of weeks off between contracts so I was looking for a place where I could smash out a whole bunch of PADI certifications. I also wanted to escape the Melbourne weather and I wanted to go overseas, but not somewhere overly touristy. And, I was organising all of this with less than one weeks notice.

Dive Timor fit the bill nicely. I came on faith that everything would work out, and had no idea what to expect. Also, I only had 6 diving days available to me, so the most important thing was that the instructors were willing and able to maximize the time available by fitting in as many relevant specialty dives as possible. And they did; I was able to book in and get 7 specialties done in the time I was here.

The best part about this place was that most of the shore dive sites are just a few minutes drive from the dive shop, and there’s actually some pretty decent diving – plenty of coral and sealife to see. All of my courses were 1 on 1, and as far as I’m concerned the instructors (Rita, Simon and Juan) are world-class, they live on-site, and I can tell they work really hard behind the scenes to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, especially for new divers.

Volker even invited me to do a 3-month Divemaster internship here.

Now that’s tempting.


Author: Nick and Karen | Posted: 2012-09-24

We have just returned home after diving with Dive Timor Lorosae for 2 weeks and had a wonderful time there. Would like to say a special thanks to Rita for organising our stay, Simon for organising our diving (we never had to dive the same site twice) & Filo (driver) for all his safe driving. The accommodation was clean and comfortable and Castaways was a great place to spend an evening.

Thanks again

Nick & Karen


Author: Grover Joseph Rees | Posted: 2012-09-10

I had two low-stress but interesting dives today at “Dili Rock East” and Tasitolu. Grouper, puffers, multiple lionfish, Moorish idols, brown triggerfish, anemones full of baby clownfish, and many more. Divemaster Aditi was perfect: capable, helpful, enthusiastic, not even the tiniest bit like a Nazi.

These were my first dives in almost two years, so it made a big difference to have the right kind of divemaster and the right environment for dives that would build back my confidence and allow me to recollect my skills. Unfortunately today was my last full day in Timor on this trip, but I hope to be back soon.


Author: Fiona | Posted: 2012-08-02

Thanks everyone for a great trip. I had planned to travel around Timor, but in the end was very happy to spend my whole trip at DTL. There were so many beautiful dive sites to explore and it was so nice to see such healthy and unspoilt reefs. Castaway bar is a friendly and relaxed place to hang out and watch the world go by.

Hope to be back soon.


Author: Alyson | Posted: 2012-07-16

Hola Juan – thanks a million for the dive at Dili Rock last Wednesday -even with a stinking cold – nice slow descent and down to 21 metres before I could say puffa fish!! Nikki snorkelling – says it was better than the Discovery Channel and is definitely going for her PADI this summer – finally!! Wish i could have stayed and done more – but hey ho, back to Europe I had to go- thanks again to all the team xx


Author: George D | Posted: 2012-07-06

I’ve been diving with DiveTL a few times now (Dili Rock East and West, K41), and each one has been spectacular. The guides are relaxed and approachable, and the rest of the staff make things easy with great lunches. The locations are excellent. Gently sloping beaches, deep drops, clear waters, and every colour of coral and fish.


Author: Juan | Posted: 2012-06-29

I just been diving whit Dive Timor Lorosae for 5 days and has been a awesome experience, everything is about the diving life style, no rush and no worries, just diving perfect dive sites whit the most friendly crew. The professionalism and care of the staff makes this experience unique, I will keep diving here for sure


Author: dan | Posted: 2012-04-18

Dive Timor Lorosae = Awesome Adventure!!! Beautiful clear warm water, friendly staff, perfect weather, magestic dive sites… all you need is to take advantage of it and dive there!!! Thank-you for the magic moments 🙂


Author: Mario | Posted: 2012-02-22

I had an incredible and unique experience learning to become an open water diver!
My instructor was passionate about what he was teaching, I believe that makes a difference, and the entire team of DTL was very nice and welcoming.
Diving in general is an amazing experience, doing it in Timor takes it to another level.
I recommend it to everybody!

You can’t be in Timor without going diving! I was so excited to get my Open Water and DTL really is the best place. The instructors are awesome, attentive and patient: I had a great time learning, and most of it wasn’t in the pool. The marine life is amazing, from the fishes to the coral, and everything is right off the shore. Its really something to appreciate with Timor. I hope to come back to experience more of it. Thanks guys!


Author: Marilyn | Posted: 2012-01-13

The accommodation is great – clean, comfortable and well appointed. Love sitting outside having a drink and chatting. The pool is brilliant. There are always interesting people to meet and share experiences with. Third stay here and really appreciate the welcome from all staff.


Author: Steven Schubert | Posted: 2012-01-08

I had a great time diving in Timor! I stayed at the accommodation out the back, which is really very good value for how nice it is. And the diving is amazing! The best way to finish the day was a beer with Wade and Wanda! I’d highly recommend this place. I had never dived before, and now have an Advanced Open Water. Awesome!