Diver Safety, Sharks, Myth and Reality

Myth: Ocean is full of sharks and they eat divers. Do not try to deny it; I’ve seen movies “Jaws” and “Open Sea”. Reality: Do not tell this to Hollywood producers, but in reality, statistics “sharks against divers” is very boring. Sharks do not have the habit to attack divers. Moreover, with few exceptions, under certain conditions, sharks usually do not even swim around, when a diver dives into the water. Let’s try to look at this situation through the eyes of the sharks. You swim, visiting the space, and suddenly from nowhere dumps substance that looks and moves like no other in the ocean, creating a lot of noise and air bubbles, and the same is beginning to shine on your lights (camera lights). For the Sharks it must be very unpleasant meeting. And what are the first steps of most sharks? Turn and swim away! Previously, a diver could live a whole life, never met the sharks and see the beauty and majesty of this animal up close. There is no better way to understand these amazing creatures, than to see them around, whether in a cage dive with great whites in Australia, or with hand-feeding reef sharks in the Bahamas. In our time, carefully planned dive permits to do so. Still not sure? Then let me give you a really serious cause for concern, your dog. Yes. Behind these lovely eyes is hidden a cold-blooded brain of predator, which, according to the statistics, are far more dangerous than sharks. According to reports of emergency aid for 2008, “the best friends of man” killed 27 people and seriously injured 4.7 million people. And it is only in the USA. And under international archive, registered number of shark attacks reported 58 incidents for the same 12-month period around the world and only 4 people died because of it. Source: www.dailyscubadiving.com