Dive Around the World for World Oceans Day!

Dive Around the World for World Oceans Day!

Dive Timor Lorosae celebrated World Oceans Day by participating in the Dive Around the World to raise money for Guy’s Trust.

June 8 was World Oceans Day and the charity Guy’s Trust wanted to celebrate by creating a worldwide scuba event. The goal was for divers in locations around the world to dive and bring a letter underwater which would latter be put together to spell out “GUY’S TRUST” between the different locations.

This was “Dive Around the World” and here in Timor Leste we were able to be one of the T’s. Guy’s Trust mission is to honour Guy Joseph’s memory, who died tragically in a paragliding accident at age 25, by supporting causes he was passionate about; particularly the creation of educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people in developing countries and marine conservation.

Having studied marine biology, Guy was passionate about the ocean and helped found MantaWatch, an organisation that works to protect the endangered manta ray. He also lived and traveled around SE Asia working as a scuba diving instructor including here at Dive Timor Lorosae.

DTL was proud to participate in the Dive Around the World event and raise over $400 that will go to Guy’s Trust and Manta Watch!