Continue your Dive Education with Dive Timor Lorosae in Timor Leste

Ever thought about furthering your scuba diving education, and challenging yourself to learn new skills underwater, or maybe specialising in a specific area of diving?

Specialising in different areas of diving can improve the range of conditions you are able to dive in. It can also help you understand lots more about the world you are seeing in the ocean every time you put on your scuba kit. For example, if you want some more experience of Deep Diving or Drift Diving before heading to that dive site where you these skills will be essential, you can spend time learning about the right techniques and preparations required for each.

You can also further your dive education by learning how to become a Rescue Diver – this equips you with the confidence and ability to deal with diving emergencies. You could also spend time learning about how to shoot and edit videos of your dives, or mastering how to get that perfect underwater photo. You also have the option of sharpening up your Search and Recovery or Navigation skills , both of which can prove extremely useful as a diver.

For those of you interested in the underwater environment, you could also specialise in Fish Identification, or for more of a focus on marine ecosystems you may prefer Underwater Naturalist. Then there is the most popular specialty PADI specialty scuba diving course , the Enriched Air Diver course. Diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time underwater, so longer dives!

Whatever continuing education interests you, here at DTL we have tons of different specialty options on offer!

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