Coast Dive Sites East – K 57

K 57

Imaginatively named, K57 is 57 km from Dili!  This stunning wall dive is so close to the beach that we usually just do a giant stride from the rocks to enter the water. Not only a very healthy reef full of soft corals and huge sponges surrounded by fish, it’s also “Nudibranch Paradise” with a big variety of those colorful sea slugs all over the place. Many interesting bommies, cracks and caverns spread around the sandier bottom at all depths along the slope. The light shining through the crevices makes it a favourite for underwater photographers.

Lucky day: Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Bumphead Parrotfish
Lens:  Wide angle / Macro
depth:  5 – 50
required skills:  Open Water Diver
snorkeling:  Yes

Underwater photography K57 Timor lesteunderwater photography K57 Timor Leste