Coast Dive Sites East – K 41 East

K 41 East

K41 is one of the most popular sites for divers, snorkellers and picnickers alike. Imaginatively named, K41 is 41 km from Dili. This famous dive site is a shallow wall ending with a very deep slope full of sponges, corals, and colorful fish if you decide to swim to the right. The light and the visibility are usually very good and many critters such as Leaf Scorpion fish, Winged Pipefish and nudibranchs that can be spotted along the dive as well as beautiful coral. Entry and exit are easy anytime.

Lucky day: Turtle, Whitetip Reef Shark …
Lens:  Wide angle
Depth:  5 – 40
Required skills: Discover Scuba diver
Snorkeling: yes

Leaf scorpionfish K41 Timor LesteReef shark K41 Timor Leste