Coast Dive Sites East – Bobs Rock

Bob´s Rock

Bobs Rock is a big sandy patch full of huge Garden eels and a shallow colorful wall down to 12mt ending with a deep slope. Snappers, Butterflyfish, Sweetlips are covering the wall, Anemone Shrimps and Nudibranchs are hiding at the bottom. Look in the cracks to find some Pipefish, Scorpionfish, and eels. This dive site has an easy access from the beach anytime.

Lucky day:  Frogfish, Seahorse, Barracuda, Bumphead Parrotfish…
Lens: Wide angle
Depth:     5 – 40
Required skills:     Open Water Diver
Snorkeling:     yes

Bobs rock timor lesteScorpionfish bobs rock timor leste