Cesca’s 10th Birthday and 1st Dive in the Sea

Cesca’s 10th Birthday and 1st Dive in the Sea

Finally! After almost one year learning everything about diving and training in our swimming pool, Cesca, our favorite little mermaid, got to dive in the sea for her 10th birthday. During the past year, Cesca did the PADI Bubblemaker, Seal Team, Master Seal Team and even more.

Seal Team consists of learning Scuba diving in confined water through different ‘aquamissions’ to learn how to float effortlessly like an astronaut, how to dive with flashlights, how to take digital pictures underwater and so much more. A funny way for kids between 8 and 10 years old to discover and enjoy the adventure of the underwater world.  But for a few months, Cesca has been counting the days before her 10th birthday… She doesn’t want any cake or any party, she just wants to do her first dive in the sea.

On the morning of September 20th, all DTL staff woke up early to make this celebration day, the one she’ll never forget… The idea was to get a big happy birthday banner and some balloons underwater, on the reef where we would take her diving in a few hours. Everybody was super excited.  As expected, Cesca arrives very early.  She’s very excited and a bit anxious about the dive.

Part of the challenge is to distract her from what’s going on, it had to be an underwater surprise. We plan to dive at Dili Rock East. In order to join Cesca on her first dive in the sea, Ali, Cesca’s mother, already completed her PADI Open Water Course with us a few months earlier. Today they are finally buddies, and they’re helping each other setting the gear and getting ready.  When Cesca, Ali, Simone and Stephanie get into the water, Dana and Luke are already there for 45min in order to setup the banner.

Cesca started the dive a little bit anxious, but after a few minutes she again became the little mermaid we know, and started to really enjoy it. Arriving to the banner wishing her happy birthday, we could read the surprise in her eyes. She swam right to it. Not less than 4 instructors underwater, not for safety reasons but more because we all wanted to be part of it. Getting in the sea somebody as passionate as Cesca is definitely the best part of our job. After studying the fish identifications book for so long, Cesca saw for the first time the clownfish, nudibranch, batfish, snappers, tubeworms, and more in there natural environment… She shows very good skills and buoyancy.

We are all very proud of her. After 1 hour dive, was time to share a very nice birthday cake on the beach, and to leave Cesca to a well deserved nap and some underwater dreams. Welcome in the sea Boo. The adventure just started.

The PADI Junior Open Water course can be started at aged 10.  PADI Bubblemaker and Seal Team can be started at aged 8