4000th logged NITROX dive for one of Dive Timor’s Instructors

4000th logged NITROX dive for one of Dive Timor’s Instructors

4000th logged dive in Timor on Nitrox

For some diving is something to do on the weekend. Or once a year on a holiday. For others it’s a passion that consumes and controls. Dive Timor is proud to have one of it’s Instructors, equipment specialists and all time good guy complete his 4000th dive in Dili, East Timor.

Diving for over 15 years Ivan has had some great experiences. And he is more than happy to pass on his experience with those that are keen to learn. Especially if you are interested in TEC diving or more advanced diving courses with SDI or TDI. That includes Nitrox dives!

The crew at Dive Timor spent a 93min night Nitrox dive. Covering two dive sites (on one dive) !And as you can see from their happy faces was well worth it.

So if your interested in becoming a safer, more controlled diver head down to DIve Timor today.  Chat to one of our experienced crew members. We are still the only Dive centre diving NITROX. https://divetimor.com/courses/ 

What are some benefits of diving NITROX

  1. Longer bottom times
  2. Shorter Surface Intervals
  3. Longer repeat dive times
  4. Less exhaustion after dive
  5. Shorter Deco time for TEC divers

Nitrox Diver

Dive Timor has been diving Timor Leste since 2000. We are focussed on safety and quality equipment. With over 17 years diving East Timor and 1000’s of dives under our belts you can trust us for you next dive experience.