100th Dive reached in Timor Leste with Dive Timor

100th Dive reached in Timor Leste with Dive Timor

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting and diving with Martin.  A tourist visiting Timor Leste.

He was staying in our new Timor Backpackers and guest house And whilst here in Timor Leste / East Timor made it to that special milestone of dive 100. Congratulations Martin from all of Dive Timor. It’s always a great privilege to be part of special events with guests. I hope we are around to see you next 100th Dive. 

Martin reaching his 100th dive

100th Dive with Dive Timor

Now although there may be a so called tradition of diving naked for your 100th Dive! We were happy enough to get in the water and see a few special critters and enjoy diving together without the nudity.

We did not manage to see our allusive dugong. Yet it was a great dive all the same. I think you can tell from the smile on Martin’s face!

Thanks again for allowing us to share this moment with you Martin. And thanks for staying with us at Timor Backpackers.

Underwater at Timor Leste

Shore diving Dili Rock - East Timor

Dive Timor shore dive

We also want to thank Elina and Karina for joining us and making things truly special.

If you wish to join us in Timor Leste and reach your 100th dive or even your 1st! Please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire about a dive package that suits you.

Ask about our special Backpacker deals with dive packages. And take advantage of our 20usd a night special.

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