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Wednesday, February 01, 2017
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Dive Timor Lorosae in Videos

An Amazing Video Where You Will See The Biodiversity that Timor can Offer.

Stripped Catfish, Cuttlefish, Shrimps, Nudibranchs, Hard and Soft Corals, Sea Horses, Robust & Hairy Ghost Pipe fish, Sea Cucumbers, Anemonas, Upside Down Jelly fish, BatFish, Juvenile SweetLips, Panda Clown Fish, Mantis Shrimps.. etc etc.. are some of the creatures shown on this Video.

We hope you enjoy it..

This is just a brief video of what a night dive can be like in East Timor. We will load more very soon. Lets go Night Diving!

Sea hares are a family of opistobranch mollusks that have soft bodies with an internal shell. They are herbivorous, and are typically found on seaweed in shallow water. Some sea hares can employ jet propulsion as a locomotory method, although without the sophisticated cognitive machinery of the cephalopods their motion is somewhat erratic.
Dugong continues to interact and play with the snorkelers at dive site Dili Rock East.
The Dugong is playing with our Divemaster Paul as it swims under him and flips its tail up towards him. The dugong swims away but continues to return acting very playful.
Dugongs frequent the waters of Timor Leste and are sometimes seen while diving at some of our dive sites, especially those with sea grass that the dugongs feed on. Dive Timor Lorosae has had some excellent opportunities lately to get close to these amazing creatures.
Celebrating Coral Triangle Day in Timor Leste by participating in a beach and reef clean up that Conservation International helped organize that involved some local government, school and our dive centre. Thanks for the video Rui!
A cool Tec Diving promo video made by our friend Rui from one of his Tec dives with us at Christo Rei.
See this shy seahorse moving around the sea grass at dive site Tasi Tolu in East Timor.
This Chromodoris kuniei nudibranch at the dive site Back of Christo Rei in East Timor is unique as it raises and lowers its mantle skirt while crawling.
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