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Wednesday, February 01, 2017
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Shark Guardian - Charity for Shark and Marine Conservation

Dive Timor Lorosae is proud to be a Shark Guardian Dive Centre!

What is Shark Guardian?

Shark Guardian is UK registered Charity for Shark and Marine Conservation founded by Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing, both experienced scuba diving instructors with a great passion for sharks. Shark Guardian has been focusing on shark conservation, education, supporting shark conservation efforts and leading scuba dives for shark encounters since 1998. Our unique Shark Guardian presentation is viewed by thousands of people each year. We have toured several countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Shark Guardian is now the banner and symbol for future educational, environmental and inspiring presentations, courses, field trips and conservation projects worldwide.


For over 400 million years sharks have survived at the top of the marine ecosystem keeping our oceans healthy and ecologically balanced. Unfortunately various movies and the media have depicted sharks as vicious killing machines when in reality sharks are in greater danger from humans than we are from them.

Up to 100 million sharks are killed each year and a third of all shark species are nearly extinct. This massive reduction in shark populations around the world is having a catastrophic effect on our marine ecosystem. As apex predator, sharks maintain a balance in the ocean food chain, directly affecting all marine species, keeping our oceans healthy and full of life, ultimately helping to support all life on earth. For this reason, now, and especially over the last 8-10 years, huge efforts have been made to encourage governments’ protection for sharks by conservation organizations.

Shark conservation and making a difference starts with a better understanding and increased knowledge of sharks and the vital role they play for all life on earth. Shark Guardian delivers this essential information for the next generation as we believe they can, and will make a difference.

What do we do at Shark Guardian?

Since 2009 Brendon and Liz have presented their Shark Guardian slide show to both local and international schools across Asia, Africa and the UK inspiring thousands of students about marine conservation and particularly shark conservation. Brendon has also been a key speaker at an environmental conference in Brunei and has spoken to Politicians and environmental groups in Indonesia and East Timor.

Shark Guardian is dedicated full time to shark conservation and educational projects worldwide.

Our activities include:


The Shark Guardian presentation is an interesting and educational event for all age groups. Using a variety of multimedia slides and videos, not only does the presentation educate the audience about sharks, but also about their role in the food chain of the ocean, their importance and why they are needed for our survival. The presentation provides information and facts regarding the modern day plight of shark populations throughout the world and is aimed towards shark conservation and action through education and awareness.

Presentation topics:

  • Misconceptions and Fears of Sharks
  • Sharks in the Media
  • Shark Evolution
  • Shark Biology
  • Introduction to Different Species of Sharks
  • Interesting Shark Facts
  • Shark Species Threatened by Human Impact
  • The Role of Sharks in the Marine Ecosystem as Apex Predators
  • Threats to Sharks
  • Shark Conservation
  • How to Get Involved and Make a Difference


To enhance our educational presentations we also offer a variety of courses and activities for students to re-enforce their learning and to take classroom studies in to the real environment. By seeing and learning further in the outdoors, especially on, beside or in the ocean, students can relate to their studies and become motivated to make a difference to help the environment in many ways.

Examples of activities and projects Shark Guardian offer:

  • Beach and Reef Clean Ups
  • Ecosystem Studies (eg mangroves vs coral reefs, looking at why different species live there and human impact is resulting in damage to marine life)
  • Reef Monitoring, Checking and Artificial Reef Building
  • Scuba Diving Courses and Specialties
  • Reef Surveys and Marine Life Mapping, Including Shark Studies
  • Specific Shark Species Courses
  • Local Community Visits and Volunteer Activities
  • National Park Walks and Trails

These activities can be done in one day as an isolated topic/project or combined to cover the requirements for Duke of Edinburgh, International Award or CAS programs.

All activities and projects are aimed at continued education through learning new skills and ideas, whilst learning about and participating in some form of conservation. We endeavor to introduce students to local communities to experience local culture and get involved in local projects wherever possible.

Who is Shark Guardian?

Shark Guardian is run by 2 Directors with the support of trustees and members and occasional volunteers.

BRENDON FORD SING – Founder and Director

Brendon has been fascinated by sharks for as long as he can remember. As a young boy he would spend more time at the aquarium shark tank than anywhere else in the aquarium park. By the age of 12 he had already decided that he wanted to learn how to dive, just to dive with and learn more about sharks. Two years after high school he became a PADI scuba diving instructor while studying and researching sharks in South Africa. Between 1998 and 2001 Brendon led shark diving expeditions and taught specialized shark diving courses for divers from all over the globe.

Instead of continuing to study sharks scientifically, Brendon decided that he wanted to do more for sharks on a higher conservation level. When Brendon moved to Asia in 2002 to work in the recreational dive industry he continued to give courses and educational talks related to sharks. In 2009 Brendon created the Shark Guardian organization dedicated to shark conservation, education and activities.

Other Qualifications:

  • PADI Course Director (As well as being a diving instructor, Brendon teaches people to become diving instructors) – highest qualification in recreational diving
  • Over 7,000 dives with 1,000+ hours of shark diving experience
  • Shark Awareness and Conservation Instructor Trainer
  • EFR (First Aid, CPR & AED) Instructor Trainer
  • Technical Deep and mixed gas Trimix Instructor Trainer – highest qualification in technical diving
  • 3 Times awarded with PADI recognition of excellence


Liz is a trained physiotherapist, gaining a Bachelors degree at Sheffield Hallam University (England) in 1999. Liz worked hard as a physiotherapist making many gains in her field before going travelling for a year in 2007, seeing her first shark when snorkeling on the West coast of Australia in the same year. Her love for sharks was instant and led to her changing travel plans, becoming a Divemaster the following year, and then an instructor a few months later.

Liz has lived in Asia more or less permanently since 2009 when she met Brendon, combining physiotherapy with scuba diving. Initially helping to organize and plan presentations for Shark Guardian in 2009, she has presented with Brendon since 2011 and leads tours by herself if Brendon is engaged with Instructor courses or Tec diving adventures.

Other Qualifications:

  • Over 1,500 dives and has dived with many species of sharks
  • Scuba Diving Instructor
  • 7 Instructor Specialty ratings including Shark Conservation
  • EFR (First Aid, CPR & AED) Instructor
  • Technical Deep Diver Certification to 50 meters

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